There are two major components of surgeries namely plastic and reconstructive. Plastic surgery is meant to give a person an appealing look on all or some body parts while reconstructive surgery is for restoration of appearance or functions of the human body after an injury, accident, illness or birth defect. Both of them are performed when patients are under anesthesia.

The major difference between plastic and reconstructive surgery is that while plastic surgeries are borne out of choice, reconstructive surgeries are for restoration and may be for life saving purposes. Of course both of them are costly and are performed by qualified surgeons.

Reconstructive surgery before and after

“Most of the time, people talk about cosmetic plastic surgery without knowing that the main duty of almost all plastic surgeons is reconstructive surgery.”┬ásays Anamika, who blogs at Mind Blowing World.

This operation covers all aspects of wound healing especially after traumatic experiences or congenital problems. Aesthetic surgery plays a smaller role in their time tables, though currently it is the leading service they offer as a result of its demand. Aesthetic surgeons differ in a variety of ways.

Those who have gained plenty of experience in plastic surgery charge exorbitantly as they have a wider clientele. At the same time, a number of surgeons reside in different areas and as a result, charge for their services based on those grounds. A surgeon in Hollywood California will obviously be in demand more than his/her counterpart in another state; say Minnesota. In Hollywood, a superstar like Cher will seek a procedure twice or more in a month, yet this may not be the case in another state.

Most surgeons advertise their work to the public. Before one chooses to go for any form of surgery, they need to know the extent of experience a surgeon has. It is always better to go for a board certified surgeon as this is a form of security to a patient. There is a body that gives licenses only to qualified people who have the necessary educational background and training to carry out complicated procedures like plastic or reconstructive surgeries.

By finding out the educational background of your surgeon, you are limiting chances of having surgeries that fail outright as seen in Axl Rose. After all, better be safe than sorry. Being safe is all about making proper enquiries before making the final decision.

Modern plastic and reconstructive surgeries involve various surgical skill as well as techniques which work closely with a number of other disciplines. Most governments especially of the developed states strive to provide quality healthcare to their people, with reconstructive surgery inclusive.

In a number of cases however, they do not provide for plastic surgeries as they are a personal choice. For this reason, many patients seeking plastic surgeries go to private surgeons. There are modalities put in place to offer guidelines on how private surgeons should conduct themselves and their operations.

Patients are encouraged to seek referrals from their GP, though this is not mandatory. No restrictions are put in place to control the number of people going for consultations, however, exceptions are made for patients with private medical insurance. For cosmetic surgery, patients who are paying for themselves have no restrictions whatsoever for these types of consultation.

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